Transportation in Greenville County is an ongoing challenge especially for individuals with disabilities who rely on public transportation as their primary means of travel.  Public bus routes are limited in scope and most of the bus stops in the system are not ADA compliant.

Greenville CAN’s approach to this issue is to ensure that the needs and concerns of individuals with disabilities are represented in the current work taking place in the community around transportation improvement.  Specifically, Greenville CAN representatives are heavily involved with the Transportation Study being led by the Piedmont Health Foundation.  Additionally,  Greenville CAN representatives are very active with the Upstate Transit Coalition.

The Need for Accessible Bus Stops

Touch the Future Inc., a Greenville CAN partner, created an assessment tool for the Piedmont Health Foundation to help the County and cities document the accessibility of their Bus Stops. This information will be used as our community retools its transportation system. The video below was created by an intern for Greenville Forward who helped the Piedmont Health Foundation in the summer of 2016.